Dueling iPods/Music Hour/Angela Falls in Love

Here’s a fun activity.  And a story that ends with extreme irony.  

Find someone with similar taste in music.  Sit around, drink some beer, take turns playing songs of bands they’ve not heard but that you think they’ll like.  Odds are you end up with some new music to research.

Kristopher and I did this on Saturday night.  I really enjoyed most of the bands that he played, but one in particular utterly enthralled me from the first chord struck on the guitar.  Bon Iver (Iver pronounced like the French “hiver”) aka Justin Vernon.

I bought the album the next morning on iTunes.  Since then, I’m on my…uhh…20th+ listen.  Ridiculous.  Simple, stark, beautiful acoustic bliss.  Haunting, melancholy, the sound of heartbreak.  Absolute.  Perfection.

Here’s the irony:  finding their MySpace so I could put a hyperlink in this entry.  And discovering that the night I was falling in love with the band, they played a show here in Seattle.  Argh.

~ by angelarenae on September 1, 2008.

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